My book A GUIDE TO MONOCHROME INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY is available for purchase through Blurb UK as an electronic version only. The book is an easy-to-follow guide and introduction to the fascinating world of monochrome infrared photography.
The book contains a collection of over 150 images that capture the essence of infrared and is testimony to my long experience and expertise in taking infrared photographs using both film and digital cameras. The images are intended to inspire fellow enthusiasts and those intending to enter this specialist area of photography.

The simple-to-follow text provides useful information for those wanting to know how to capture scenes in infrared. It includes:

* An introduction to the look and feel of infrared images
* Recognising suitable infrared subjects
* The art of "seeing" and composing shots in infrared
* Tips on shooting in infrared
* Equipment required for and factors affecting the taking of infrared photographs

The e-book version is available for purchase from Blurb. The link is