Buying Digital Images

All the pictures on this site are for sale as digital images only. The cost of a large file size digital image is £20.
Please note that the images shown on this website are of a low resolution and the actual digital images will be much higher quality and clarity.

If you wish to purchase a digital image online by credit card using the paypal system you must first view the selected image in the galleries section. A dropdown menu lists the digital image option situated below each image. To order a digital image simply choose the option you require from the dropdown menu and click 'add to cart'. When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, click the 'shopping cart' link. Then click 'place order' to proceed to pay pal's secure web site and follow their instructions to make your payment.

If you wish to purchase a digital image by bank transfer, cheque or postal order, then you can order direct from me via email or telephone as detailed in the 'contact details' section Please note that images will only be dispatched once cheques have cleared.